Bookmarking Appendices

If you are filing an appendix to a brief or motion, please review the requirements in Florida Rule of Appellate Procedure 9.220.  Generally, the documents in an appendix must be combined into a single PDF file.  And an electronically filed appendix must be bookmarked.  What is a bookmark?  It is an embedded link in an electronic document that allows the reader to jump to a specific location by clicking on the "bookmark" or link for that location.  Bookmarks appear in a navigation pane on the left side of the computer screen.

Adobe Acrobat and Foxit PhantomPDF will both create bookmarks.  User guides to creating bookmarks with these programs are linked below.  The Court does not endorse a particular software product or require use of these particular products.  There may be other programs that will create bookmarks or vendors who will create them for you.  For information about the software or assistance with using it, please contact the vendor directly.

Guide to creating bookmarks using Adobe AcrobatPDF Download

Guide to creating bookmarks using Foxit PhantomPDFPDF Download

If an appendix contains 30 pages or less, or if it contains only one document regardless of length, the Second DCA does not require the appendix to be bookmarked. 
If a self-represented party cannot comply with the requirements in rule 9.220 for an electronically filed appendix, they are allowed to file a paper copy of the appendix.