Electronic Filing, Service, and Case Access

Electronic Filing 

All filings to the Second DCA must be submitted via the Florida Courts E-Filing Portal, https://myflcourtaccess.com, unless a paper filing is authorized.  A filer may use the Florida Courts E-Filing Portal for service on the opposing counsel when a filing is submitted. 

An account is required for filing.  For assistance with registration or filing, please contact the Portal service desk by emailing support@myflcourtaccess.com or by calling (850)577-4609.

Electronic Service and Case Access

The Second DCA electronically serves its orders, decisions, and other documents via eDCA, https://edca.2dca.org.  eDCA also provides access to the electronic docket for attorneys of record and parties to a case. 

Attorneys with cases in the Second DCA are required to register with eDCA.  Pro se parties are permitted, but not required, to register.

eDCA registrations are processed during normal business hours.  Once you are registered with eDCA, you will be served electronically by the court and will no longer receive paper copies.

Guide to e-Filing and eDCAPDF Download

For assistance with eDCA registration or access, please call the Clerk's Office at (863)940-6060.