Clerk's Office

Clerk of the Court: Mary Beth Kuenzel

Chief Deputy Clerk: Tami McCarroll

Each district court of appeal appoints a clerk, who holds office and performs duties as the court directs.  Fla. Const., Art. V, § 4(b)(3)(c).  The clerk is the custodian of court records and of the court seal, maintains the docket of all cases heard by the court, and collects payment of required fees.  At the Second District, the clerk also schedules and assigns cases; directs filings to the court; answers questions concerning the status of cases and the court's procedures; tracks the progress of cases through the court; and issues the court's orders, decisions, and mandates.  The clerk is required to maintain the court records at the Second District's headquarters, which is in Lakeland.  The clerk is aided in this work by the dedicated efforts of the chief deputy clerk and the deputy clerks. 

Questions concerning the court's procedures or the status of a case should be directed to the Clerk's Office, which is open Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., excluding holidays.


Policy About Gifts

Please note that employees of the clerk's office cannot accept gifts and must return any that are sent to them. We appreciate the fact that these gifts are intended to thank us for our service to the public, but they create an appearance of impropriety and cannot be accepted.

Second District Court of Appeal
811 East Main Street
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Clerk's Office