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November 27, 2013

2D11-2163 / Lee v. State

2D11-4878 / Kingston Corporation Group of Florida, Inc. v. Richard Kleiber Walter Kleiber Partnership

2D11-5478 / Moyers v. State

2D11-5754 / Cazares v. State

2D11-6053 / Bradley v. State

2D11-6392 / Smith v. Geico Casualty Company

2D12-480 / Arias v. Arias

2D12-1331 / Skala v. Lyons Heritage Corporation

2D12-1809 / Reed v. State

2D12-2654 / Dillard v. Agency of Health Care Administration

2D12-6339 / Miller v. State

2D12-6463 / Inglis v. Casselberry

2D12-6470 / Berlinger v. Casselberry

2D13-712 / Horton v. State

2D13- 1021 / Driggers v. Driggers

2D13-1270 / Ryan v. Landsource Holding Company, LLC

/ Hall v. State

2D13-1925 / State v. Womack

2D13-2368 / Brown v. State


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