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July 28, 2006

2D03-1053 / Camper v. State

2D05-1022 / Williams v. State

2D05-1143 / Sobota v. State

2D05-1297 / Munoz v. State

2D05-2058 / Smith v. State

2D05-2936 / City of Clearwater v. Williamson

2D05-3296 / State v. Hull

2D05-3442 / Baymon v. State

2D05-5618 / Envirocycle Solutions, Inc. v. Carpet Inn of Sarasota, Inc.

2D05-6007 / Progressive Express Insurance Company v. Reaume

2D06-971 / Montague v. State

2D06-1135 / Langlois v. State

2D06-1657 / Burnett v. State

2D06-1797 / Hughes v. State