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July 07, 2006

2D05-1183 / Miller v. State

2D04-5416 / Stanley v. Greystone Medical Group, Inc.

2D05-2245 / Perez v. State

2D05-2709 / State v. Shell

2D05-3541 / Coughlin v. State

2D05-3672 / Friendly Holmes of the South, Inc. v. Fontice

2D05-4005 / Bean v. Prevatt

2D05-4110 / Guevara-Rodriguez v. State

2D05-4500 / R.A.B. v. State

2D05-4870 / Department of Children & Family Services v. M.L.

2D05-5346 / Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles v. Churchill

2D05-5665 / Smith v. Smith

2D06-328 / Mungen v. State

2D06-982 / Peacock v. State



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