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January 20, 2006

2D03-2460 / Robinson v. State

2D04-2110 / JLA Investment Corp. v. Colony Ins. Co.

2D04-3970 / Hoffman v. Duke

2D04-4799 / Gargano v. Lee Country Board of County Commissioners

2D04-5372 / Izquierdo v. Hillsborough County School Board

2D04-5730 / Cunningham v. Cunningham

2D05-164 / Wachovia Securities, LLC. v. Vogel

2D05-331 / Perchitti v. State

2D05-532 / Miller v. State

2D05-919 / Sullivan v. Florida Parole Commission

2D05-1005 / Butler v. State

2D05-1049 / E.D. Mother v. Department of Children & Family Services

2D05-1760 / Cohen v. State

2D05-2548 / Yoxsimer v. Yoxsimer

2D05-3132 / Federated National Insurance Co. v. Copeland

2D05-3149 / Minda v. Ponce

2D05-3450 / Ericson v. State



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