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December 29, 2006

2D05-3851 / Wilson v. State

2D05-4374 / Kist v. State

2D05-4916 / T.B. v. M.M.

2D05-5676 / Loeffler v. State

2D05-5912 / Garrett v. State

2D05-6202 / Thibault v. State

2D06-74 / J.H.M. v. State

2D06-449 / R.R.G. v. State

2D06-713 / T.W. v. Department of Children and Family Services

2D06-1236 / Daniels v. State

2D06-2137 / Livingston v. State

2D06-2514 / Smith v. State

2D06-2879 / Gamez v. State

2D06-2996 / McDuffie v. State



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