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August 31, 2005

2D04-681 / GISI v. State

2D04-1303 / Whitmore v. State

2D04-1803 / State v. David

2D04-2654 / Verizon Wireless Personal Communications, L.P. v. The Sanctuary at Wulfert Point Community Assoc., Inc.

2D04-2727 / Wicks v. Publix Super Markets, Inc.

2D04-3545 / State v. Colon

2D04-4008 / Barnes v. Crosby

2D04-4745 / L.J.S. v. State

2D04-5570 / Critical Intervention Services, Inc. v. City of Clearwater

2D04-5760 / State v. Dempsey

2D05-2027 / Bode v. State



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