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July 23, 2004

2D04-2734 / Department of Children & Family Services

2D02-2438 / The Estate of Patrick J. Canavan v. National HealthCare Corp.

2D02-4370 / Tucker v. State

2D03-1377 / Kantaras v. Kantaras

2D03-2038 / Sherry v. Regency Insurance Company

2D03-3880 / Kranias v. Tsiogas

2D03-4092 / Patterson v. Allstate Insurance Company

2D03-4393 / Lyn v. Lyn

2D03-4802 / Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company v. Freeman

2D03-4897 / Simpson v. Young

2D04-699 / Campbell v. State

2D04-1186 / Hannah v. State

2D04-1780 / Lowe v. State

2D04-2733 / Department of Children & Family Services v. J.W.



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