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December 29, 2004

2D02-4271 / Harrison v. Harrison

2D02-4758 / Bader v. Meros

2D03-2058 / State v. Chambers

2D03-2915 / State v. Colorado

2D03-2961 / State v. Riggs

2D03-3625 / Murray v. State

2D03-3786 / Tucker v. State

2D03-4097 / Costello v. Davis

2D03-4893 / T.D. v. Department of Children and Family Services

2D03-5774 / State v. Sahadeo

2D04-107 / Parent v. State

2D04-474 / State v. Demille

2D04-822 / Hall v. Liebling

2D04-1077 / Department of Corrections v. Williams

2D04-1805 / Hicks v. State

2D04-3633 / Griffin v. State