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November 14, 2003

2D01-5714 / Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. v. Jewell, D.C., P.A.

2D02-934 / Osler v. Collins

2D02-1079 / Hoirup v. Hoirup

2D02-1905 / King v. State

2D02-2954 / Harvey v. State

2D02-3827 / Williams v. State

2D02-3994 / Holt v. O'Brien Imports of Fort Myers, Inc.

2D02-4134 / Maddox v. State

2D02-4666 / Taylor v. State

2D02-5709 / Joyner v. State

2D03-11 / D.M.C. v. State

2D03-154 / Weintraub v. Weintraub

2D03-324 / Ayala v. State

2D03-606 / Moore v. State

2D03-1697 / McQueen v. State

2D03-1730 / Stinyard v. State

2D03-3032 / Tinker v. State

2D03-4513 / I.K. v. Department of Children & Family Services


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