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May 30, 2003

2D00-2869 / Pepitone v. State

2D01-1410 / Walker v. State

2D01-2138 / State v. Smith

2D01-3151 / Logan v. State

2D01-5744 / Dahly v. Department of Children & Family Services

2D02-1265 / Feger v. Feger

2D02-1686 / Prince v. State

2D02-1899 / A.H. v. Department of Children & Family Services

2D02-2333 / Blackert v. State

2D02-2572 / Horne v. State

2D02-3775 / Buonavolonta v. Buonavolonta

2D02-4498 / Kolbe v. Department of Insurance

2D02-4536 / Grooms v. Distinctive Cabinet Designs, Inc.

2D03-688 / Sausville v. State


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