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May 09, 2003

2D00-693 / Swiggum v. State

2D01-1600 / Keith v. State

2D01-2351 / D.T. v. Harter

2D01-4462 / Stevenson v. State

2D01-4808 / Reeves v. State

2D01-5230 / Booream v. State

2D02-567 / Wesner v. State

2D02-1424 / Snipes v. State

2D02-1774 / Lloyd v. State

202-2246 / Burton v. State

2D02-2402 / R.D.S. v. State

2D02-2565 / D.G. v. Department of Children & Family Services

2D02-3257 / Gadsen v. State

2D02-3387 / Locklear v. State

2D02-3859 / Bailey v. State

2D02-3926 / Hardy v. Rundle

2D02-4403 / Suggs v. State

2D02-4920 / Alexis v. State

2D02-5461 / Carswell v. State

2D02-5629 / Ottesen v. State

2D02-5641 / Chandler v. State

2D02-5644 / Daly v. State

2D03-608 / Williams v. State


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