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March 28, 2003

2D00-2171 / Acord v. State of Florida

2d01-5285 / Huesca v. State

2D02-120 / City of Tampa v. Redner

2D02-643 / Farr v. Farr

2D02-1071 / Carnival Corporation v. Purdy

2D01-3535 / State v. Bodden

2D01-5209 / Ortiz v. State

2D02-1521 / Radwan v. Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance

2D02-1640 / Garnett v. State

2D02-2810 / Vargas v. State

2D02-3018 / Dunkle v. State

2D02-3899 / Young v. State

2d03-672 / Dillon v. State



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