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July 09, 2003

2D01-156 / Daigle v. State

2D01-4177 / Edison v. State

2D02-1313 / Yost v. Unemployment Appeals Commission

2D02-2720 / Magann v. Magann

2D02-2892 / Ernie Passeos, Inc. v. O'Halloran

2D02-3275 / Luis v. State

2D02-3495 / State v. Stokes

2D02-3555 / M.R., mother v. Department of Children & Family Services

2D02-3761 / Caso v. State

2D02-3832 / Simmers v. Simmers

2D02-5022 / Wesley v. State

2D02-5460 / Kuzminski v. State

2D02-5582 / Keo v. State

2D03-262 / Simmons v. Department of Environmental Protection

2D03-1774 / Decker v. Lyle


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