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January 24, 2003

2D01-267 / Plute v. State

2D01-2119 / Sosa-Leon v. State

2D01-3072 / Pignataro v. State

2D01-3627 / Guffey v. State

2D01-3721 / S.B. v. State

2D01-5244 / J.F.R. v. State

2D01-5596 / State v. Christman

2D01-5694 / Booth v. Booth

2D02-1060 / Crooms v. Crawford

2D02-2143 / J.G. & L.S. v. Department of Children & Family Services

2D02-2190 / L.R. v. Department of Children & Family Services

2D02-2357 / Lindsey v. State

2D02-2496 / Stroman v. State

2D02-2928 / McCarthy v. State


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