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January 17, 2003

2D00-23 / State v. Clarke

2D00-5437 /Faulkner v. State

2D01-324 / King v. State

2D01-365 / Henry v. State

2D01-821 / McCune v. State

2D01-1839 / Battle v. State

2D01-2111 / Payne v. State

2D01-2401 / Stoletz v. State

2D01-2971 / Ahedo v. State

2D01-3193 / Department of Revenue v. Moore

2D01-3237 / Department of Revenue v. Coley

2D01-3858 / Cartaya-Luque v. Department of Revenue

2D01-4291 / Dubose v. State

2D01-4435 / John Doe a/k/a George Bailey v. State

2D01-4523 / Lazy Flamingo, USA, Inc. v. Greenfield

2D01-5604 / Carmichael v. State

2D02-426 / S.B. v. Department of Children & Family Services

2D02-660 / McDonald v. State

2D02-735 / E.E.A. v. Department of Children & Family Services

2D02-790 / Badillo v. State

2D02-882 / Woody v. State

2D02-2497 / Belcher v. Johnson


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