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April 11, 2003

2D00-5100 / Pittman v. State

2D01-2549 / Lester v. State

2D01-4656 / B.B.P. v. State

2D01-5270 / J.J. v. State

2D01-5756 / Cosio v. Merkle

2D02-828 / Swartz v. Board of County Commissioners of Manatee County

2D02-1025 / Young v. State

2D02-1486 / Franklin v. Unemployment Appeals Commission

2D02-1987 / Jameson v. Unemployment Appeals Commission

2D02-2503 / Wilson v. State

2D02-2560 / Rivers v. Grimsley Oil Company, Inc.

2D02-4134 / Felder v. State

2D02-4211 / Monroe v. State

2D02-4375 / Sylvester v. State

2D02-4904 / Winkler v. State

2D03-332 / Williamson v. State


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