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October 18, 2002

2D00-3105 / Weekes v. Sexton

2D01-1066 / Pena v. State

2D01-1668 / Greehan v. State

2D01-3302 / Taft v. Zack

2D01-3521 / Robinson v. Bucci

2D01-3566 / Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles v. Scinta

2D01-3839 / Mason v. State

2D01-3851 / Foeley v. State

2D01-4490 / McNulty v. State

2D01-4519 / Rooks v. State

2D01-4567 / First Paradee, LTD. v. Jones

2D01-4803 / Smith v. State

2D02-73 / Savoury v. State

2D02-764 / Coscia v. Old Florida Plantation, LTD.

2D02-1173 / Wimbush v. Pasco County Sheriff's Office

2D02-1472 / Savage v. State

2D02-1771 / Miller v. State

2D02-3096 / Giles v. State



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