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May 10, 2002

2D00-3872 / Roberts v. State

2D00-4404 / American Home Assurance Company v. Plaza Materials Corporation

2D00-5060 / McManama v State

2D00-5175 / Robbins v. State

2D01-1834 / D.M.W. v. State

2D01-2167 / McComb v. State

2D01-2223 / Budny v. Mikell

2D01-2398 / Turner v. Bell Chevrolet, Inc.

2D01-2518 / Liebreich v. Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization, Inc.

2D01-2655 / Hartzog v. State

2D01-2813 / Department of Revenue v. Nicks

2D01-285 / Brown v. State

2D01-3055 / Times Publishing Company v. City of Clearwater, Florida

2D01-3238 / McClain v. Crawford

2D01-3976 / Lepper v. State

2D01-752 / Alexander v. State

2D02-1091 / Graham v. State

2D02-1333 / Cook v. State

2D02-214 / Coley v. State

2D02-829 / Borum v. State

2D02-972 / Burkes v. State

2D02-973 / Belton v. State



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