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December 05, 2001

2D00-105 / Garcia v. State

2D00-138 / Hemmy v. State

2D00-2943 / Freeman v. State

2D00-372 / Bryant v. State

2D00-4646 / Centore v. State

2D00-5015 / Thomas v. State

2D00-5238 / Childers v. State

2D00-5346 / Farley v. Farley

2D01-1044 / Amos v. State

2D01-1419 / State v. Smiley

2D01-1621 / Hoag v. State

2D01-278 / State v. Costello

2D01-3285 / Better Government Association of Sarasota County, Inc. v. State

2D01-3529 / Jackson v. State

2D01-3625 / Harris v. State

2D01-3809 / Coley v. State

2D01-3817 / Leathers v. State

2D01-3830 / Sparks v. State

2D01-3849 / Gawronski v. State

2D01-4123 / Dennison v. State

2D01-4144 / Payne v. State

2D97-4845 / Garbutt v. LaFarnara

2D99-3196 / Sun N' Lake of Sebring Improvement District v. McIntyre

2D99-3907 & 2D00-1264 / Conner v. Conner


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